The Quick-Start Solution for NFC Mobile Marketing and Industrial Applications
  • Easily create a proof-of-concept
  • Track, trace, manage, and secure supply chain assets
  • Log inspections and maintenance of complex equipment
  • Create effective mobile marketing programs
  • Reach hard-to-access millennials
  • Deliver unique consumer experiences & build customer loyalty
  • Innovative marketing best practices & use cases
Thinfilm IoT-CNECT Box Contents

Top Layer

Wet Inlay (A)

Basic self-adhesive NFC tag. Thin and flexible, often applied to graphics-printed paper or plastic to add NFC functionality. Perfect for building a proof of concept.

PDPS Open Sense (B)

NFC inlay with a built-in electronic seal to communicate the sealed or opened status of a container. Currently supported by Android smartphones.

Graphic Label (C)

Graphics-printed, self-adhesive NFC tag is versatile and customizable to reflect any brand identity.

ElastiTag® (D)

Flexible all-in-one elastomer loop & tear-resistant tag. The ElastiTag grips products firmly and stays in place.

Standard Hang Tag (E)

Simple, easy-to-apply tag adds NFC funtionality to all types of product and packaging.

Bottom Layer

Drink Coaster (F)

Easily enables physical+digital promotion of beverage brands. Coasters can also be used in experiential campaigns in bars, restaurants, conferences, and sponsored events.

Rugged Flex Tag (G)

Semi-rigid ruggedized tag offers increased durability and strength for challenging environments.

Magnet (H)

Attaches to many metallic surfaces to provide a constant visual brand presence that also enables instant physical+digital interactivity.

Bottle Neck Collar (I)

Quickly add NFC functionality to food, beverage, and CPG bottles with brand messaging visible on all sides.

Also Included with the Thinfilm IoT-CNECT Box
  • Free copy of "NFC Mobile Marketing For Dummies"
  • Free 3-month trial of Thinfilm’s CNECT Software Portal
  • Pre-Order Now for $99.00
Quick Start Guide

Place the NFC tags on your products

Open the email you received from with the subject line “Thinfilm CNECT Platform: We have created an account for you” and follow the directions online.

Log in to the CNECT platform at: to add your brand’s URL to configure the NFC tags. OPTIONAL - Go to Google Play Store and download the “Thinfilm CNECT™ Platform” App to your Android device.

Use Cases
Brand Protection
Unique Identifier, Cannot Be Copied.
Track & Trace
Real Time Usage Tracking.
Customer Loyalty
Redemptions, Rebates, and Loyalty Points.
Brand Story
Tell Your Brand’s Story.
Is it Safe to Use?
Re-order After Consumption.
Product Reviews.
Context Driven Product Usage Tips.
Product Registration
Warranty, Returns, Recalls, Etc.
Customer Surveys
Find out What Your Customer Thinks about Your Brand & Product.
Use Walking Tour/Gaming/“Easter Egg” Hunt to Engage and Educate Consumers.
Two Factor Authentication
Protect Your E-Commerce Activity (Requires Software App).
The Quick-Start Solution for NFC Mobile Marketing