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Improve logistics, supply chain, and infrastructure management with NFC Solutions from Thinfilm

Innovative wireless technology and integrated cloud-based software enable instant traceability, tracking, and data access – all with the tap of a smartphone or NFC reader

Companies view logistics, supply-chain management, and fully leveraging the lifespan of infrastructure as critical to maintaining their competitive edge. But increased threats to product integrity, and the challenges of extending the useful life of assets, make this a tall order.

With Thinfilm’s uniquely serialized, durable, and simple-to-use NFC Solutions at their fingertips, your employees can effectively address a range of key applications, all with the simple tap of a smartphone:

Inspection with Logging

Complex machinery requires regular inspection and upkeep. Serialized NFC tags provide uniquely identifiable logging, assuring that the right components are installed in the right equipment at the right time.

Asset Management

NFC tagging at the item-, case-, or pallet-level makes managing a high volume of assets across multiple locations easier, improving accuracy and offering immediate access to key documentation such as bills of lading, safety data sheets, COAs, and COCs.

Presence Verification

Confirm the precise physical location and movement of product and personnel. In areas where GPS, QR, or RFID is problematic (multi-level indoor or outdoor environments, dirty areas, or even under water), you can even obtain photographic proof of an item’s condition.

Equipment Troubleshooting

Deliver targeted assistance to key equipment when field problems occur, empowering personnel to troubleshoot on the spot and instantly dispatch support. Prevent future problems through data collection and drive predictive, optimal servicing algorithms.

Track, Trace, Secure, and Support

NFC tags provide numerous supply chain global tracking opportunities, helping you trace high-value assets from origination all the way to end user. From manufacturing through transportation, shipping, warehousing and retailing, instantly receive an item level “hand shake” to locate products and prevent tampering, piracy, and theft. What’s more, you can provide technical customer support to the end-user, gaining key customer intelligence.

High-Value Benefits for Your Organization
  • Ease-of-use through readily available smartphones and NFC reader devices
  • Modernized security unmatched by faulty barcodes and UHF
  • Extreme reliability in rugged environments
Markets & Applications
  • Industrial equipment manufacturing
  • Chemicals
  • Transportation (aviation, maritime, rail, automobile)
  • Military parts and ammunition
  • Security, logistics, anti-counterfeiting (i.e., gemstones, high-value goods)
  • Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, organ transplants
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