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Improve Adherence with ‘Smart’ Disposable Injectors
The Ypsomed Group (“Ypsomed”) (SIX: YPSN), a leading developer and manufacturer of injection systems, selected Thinfilm’s NFC OpenSense™ technology to improve patient self-care compliance.
Patients use YpsoMate® injection systems to self-deliver injections for the management of chronic conditions. NFC OpenSense™ tags used with YpsoMate’s push-on-skin activation can track administration.
YpsoMate’s custom mobile app provides patients with adherence history, injection reminders, usage guidelines, refill instructions and product authentication. Read More
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Thinfilm NFC SpeedTap™ tags with printed shield is ideal for placement inside caps of medicine and supplement bottles. Other NFC tags can become non-functional in these packages due to foil safety seals interfering with RF reading. Thinfilm’s proprietary shielding process provides a cost-effective approach to ‘Smart Caps.’
Making Medicine Distribution Safer and More Efficient
Global Factories’ Vanderbrink Blister Packaging Machine automatically packages a patient’s weekly regimen from 200 different medicines.
Global Factories selected Thinfilm Memory to ensure only safe and qualified materials are used in the system.
  • The packaging machine confirms the VBM blister cards are from a qualified source using Thinfilm Memory
  • Data in the memory can be used by VBM’s patented verification and traceability techniques
The resulting personalized blister packs simplify medicine administration and tracking for both patients and their families.
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