Let Thinfilm-powered products show you who your consumers are
and how they interact with your product

Drive sales and brand loyalty

Open a direct channel to your customers for delivering dynamic, real-time experiences throughout the customer journey. Increased visibility, relevancy, and stickiness for your brand drive sales and brand loyalty.

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We saw Thinfilm’s NFC marketing solution as an ideal way to connect with consumers, tell our brand story, and deliver mobile experiences that are engaging, informative, and relevant.

Anthony Wills
Founder & Managing Director
See how Kilchoman connects with consumers

Entice. Engage. Convince. Close.

Thinfilm tags collect first-party data you can leverage to customize and personalize unique, interactive consumer experiences — with no costly intermediaries to muddy your brand message.



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Phone NFC

2x interaction compared to other on-product approaches


Consumers who tap NFC spend 3x more time onsite than clicking ppc/social ads

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Engage with customers wherever they interact with your products

Use smart tags to educate and retain customers
while gaining a competitive advantage

Once tagged, products can be tapped anywhere, from the retail shelf to a customer’s home. Personalized experiences are ideal for educating customers with videos, blogs, testimonials, and tutorials. Heighten your brand visibility and awareness with promos and targeted special events. Start and sustain conversations, all via a direct channel dedicated to your brand alone:

  • Product guides, registration, warranties, and support
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Promotions, contests, loyalty programs
  • Reorders, refills, spare parts, and consumables

Deliver targeted mobile marketing experiences

Launch and dynamically manage customer experiences based on smartphone tap sequence, time, geographic location, and other criteria.

Gain customer insights

Understanding who tapped, what they tapped, when and where – and their following actions – provides critical insights for improving brand messaging, reducing churn, and driving business success.

Discover a better way to connect

Unlike digital marketing tools that push unwanted content, Thinfilm delivers a unique, personalized experience. Your brand’s voice comes through, brand loyalty is boosted, and customer satisfaction and sales increase.

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