Protect your brand investment with anti-tampering and anti-diversion solutions

The smart way forward for brand protection

Protecting your brands and packaging is important for every industry, and for many it’s a make or break proposition. Thinfilm solutions are an affordable and effective way to add the intelligence and security you need to protect your brand investments across the extended supply chain. Thinfilm provides a powerful way to track your products, protect their integrity, and detect fakes quickly. It’s a smart way to reinforce customer trust and loyalty.

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Retail
  • Consumer
Given the rarity of this release and its significance to the Barbadillo family, we feel compelled to protect it. Thinfilm's technology delivers that protection, for our business and our valued consumers.
Chairman, Bodegas Barbadillo


  • Global anti-counterfeit protection and product diversion detection
  • Single-tap verification of product authenticity
  • Proprietary anti-cloning authentication
  • Real-time analytics on product demand, distribution, and inventories
Brand Protection